Ready Get Set GO …..


I have been willing to start blogging for quite sometime now. So here it goes. This blog will include collections of recipes that I try out myself.

A little background on ‘my love for cooking’ πŸ˜‰

Since I was young I had always observed my Mom cook. And not to forget to mention my Dad too. Yes my Dad cooks well too :). So during childhood obviously I wasn’t allowed to hold sharp things or get close to the gas stove. However, as I grew older I started helping my Mom in the kitchen. Mostly, I always was the ‘Chopper’ and ‘Taster’ :). Whenever Mom wanted to check the taste of something that she had prepared she would come to me and ask to taste it. At that time, since I was a child I used to honest opinion of what I thought was less or more of.

Believe it or not, till I came to USA in Aug 2004, I had never cooked before. Yes, may be because food was always ready to eat, made by Mom at home. So didn’t bother to cook. I still remember, a typical dialogue in every Indian family used to be “Roti Pakana to Seekhle, Warna Shaadi kaise hogi teri” :). To translate, it meant that if a girl didn’t learn how to cook Indian bread, then she would never get married :). Well I guess the saying ” A way to a mans heart is through his stomach” was there for a reason :).

In my posts, I would post recipes that I try myself. Whatever I post, is mostly either things that I have learnt from my Mom, or researched online or through books or other cooking blogs or websites or learnt it from Friends or tasted it somewhere. I do not intend to copy somebody elses recipe and proclaim it is my creation. I want this to be a treasure of recipes for my reference for the future so that some day when I look back at this I would know what I have learnt so far πŸ™‚

I welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions. I am here to learn from your experience too.

Bon Appetit….

– Niki


4 thoughts on “Ready Get Set GO …..

  1. Niki, Looking forward to a lot of recipes here..
    By the way you might wanna take up a short course in food photography on the side just to make your compilation more attractive (and maybe you can publish a book straight from your blog) …


  2. Niki – You are a Pro at this! I recently realized my love for cooking too. I’m going to love trying your recipes. Please keep adding more as you go… Good luck!

    – Payal


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