Cake decorating fun!!

Last year,in summer, I was at home taking a break from work and waiting to hear back about my applications to B-schools. I was restless at home, with nothing to do and worry about. I had tons of free time. My friend was taking the cake decorating courses offered by Wilton. I decided to join the bandwagon and enrolled for the same. I ended up taking their basic icing and basic fondant decoration courses. I must say that my ROI on these classes is already strongly +ve :). I am so glad to have taken these courses. Now i will be able to cover my baking mistakes with my newly acquired decorating skills.

I wanted to create this post to digitally capture the cake decorations I have done this past year. Starting from the top row:

Cake 1: Eggless chocolate cake, decorated using fondant and gum paste flowers.

Cake 2: Plain chocolate cake with strawberry jam filling, decorated with butter cream icing.

Cake 3: This was a baby shower cake for my dearest friend (who had twins :)).

Cake 4: Chocolate – Chocolate chip cake, decorated with chocolate butter cream icing. (recipe coming soon)

Cake 5: Eggless chocolate cake, decorated for my sis-in-law’s graduation ceremony using fondant.

Cake 6: Orange ricotta pound cake, a Hawaiian theme cake, decorated using butter cream icing. (recipe coming soon)

Cake 7: Strawberry cake filled with whipped cream and strawberry jam, decorated using fondant and gum paste flowers.

My all time favorites from these are the baby shower cake and the graduation cake. I hope I never lose interest in this and always find some time to continue my newly acquired hobby.


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